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"When you boil it right down, Peter has a genius for realising and releasing space to create the 'wow factor'. This makes everyday living a pleasure and adds value to a property.”

— Hamish Pringle

Design philosophy.

We define all our work by the twin essentials of contemporary design – space and light. Whether new-build or extensions we draw on the Mediterranean or Tropical response to climate for inspiration by connecting the building to its surroundings with sliding doors, canopies, and decks, blurring the divisions between internal and external to create serene yet inspiring spaces flooded with natural light. In cities, dark, cellular layouts of older properties can be liberated by removing walls and tilting extension roofs upwards away from the building to take in the views of the surroundings and the sky, an experience so often missing from traditional urban living.

The principles of contemporary architecture can be applied across all projects, regardless of type or budget, and including Listed Buildings and buildings in Conservation Areas, which are often significantly enhanced by new, contrasting additions. To this end, the Practice works tirelessly to overcome the obstacle of our Neanderthal planning system and to challenge the generally abysmal standards of UK home design to raise the aspirations and produce the very best in contemporary living environments.

Inspired by the sense of well-being when on holiday, we strive to blur the boundaries between being on holiday and being at home, in effect, allowing you to ‘escape to your home’. We create architecture that provides a flexible, uplifting environment of flowing, well-lit, inspirational spaces that can transform the way you live.