Thomas de Cruz Architects & Designers

Thomas de Cruz is a well-established, creative London practice specialising in contemporary residential architecture and interior design. We offer a full architectural service from inception to completion. Our primary design philosophies are timelessness, clean lines and a seamless connection between inside and outside.

We define all our work by the twin essentials of contemporary design - space and light. Whether new-builds in the countryside or extensions in the city, we draw on the Mediterranean response to climate for inspiration by connecting the building to its surroundings with large openings, roof overhangs and level thresholds, blurring the divisions between internal and external to create serene yet inspiring spaces flooded with natural light. In cities, dark, cellular layouts of older properties can be liberated by removing walls and raising roofs to take in the views of the surroundings and the sky above, an experience so often missing from traditional urban living. In short, we want our client to be 'on holiday at home'.

For a PDF guide as to how we work, contact us below with brief details of your potential project.